February 3, 2011

A little help from our friends

It's been a busy few weeks around here and now that things are finally starting to settle down, I finally have some time to update the blog. It's been a combination of good stuff: parties, date nights and time spent with good fiends. There's also been some bad stuff: clothes dryers that suddenly quit working, Eric needing stitches for a basketball injury, endless preschool registration paperwork, and landscaping contractors arriving at your house way too early in the morning. Of course all of these events have been made much easier by the support my great friends who are always willing to step up and offer their assistance. When I needed to wait for our new dryer to be delivered, Lisa took Lillian to the park to play with Samuel so I was spared a bored toddler bouncing off the walls. I was also spared taking Lillian along for the long ride to San Jose in rush hour traffic to wait in the germ infested ER while the doctor finished stitching Eric up because Efsun invited Lillian to come over to have dinner with Alara.

Lillian and Samuel playing "moving man" a game where Lillian goes into the "house" and Samuel "moves" it around with her inside.

Lillian and Samuel eating popcorn out of their hats.

Lillian riding Nash.

Lillian and Jessie all dressed up for a trip to the imaginary pool.

Eric's stitched up eyebrow.

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