January 8, 2011

Sillman Swim Center

This afternoon, was yet another in a series of cold dreary days here in Northern California that left all of us longing for the warm, sunny days of summer. So in an effort to have some fun and stay warm we headed to the nearby but rather obscure city of Newark CA*. Newark is home to the Sillman Aquatic Center which features a water-park like series of three huge indoor pools with play-structures, fountains, and water slides. We had been once before and Lillian was very excited to be going again. The kiddie pool with it's huge play structure was a big hit, although later in the day Lillian gravitated to the "deep end" which is three feet deep, she figured out that with a series of toe taps and hand splashes she could keep her head just barley above the water.

*The less well known but equally fragrant West Coast extension of everyone's favorite New Jersey suburb...

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