January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

We're back from our yearly Christmas trip to visit Grammy and Pop-Pop's house in Phoenix. Lillian was a trooper for the trip, even though our flight was delayed 2 hours. Now that she can be reasoned with and has taken an interest in electronic entertainment, those hours in the airport pass quite smoothly (she can be seen watching Eric play Plants vs. Zombies in one of the pictures below).

There was a lot of family around to dote on Lillian in Phoenix, including Great-Grandma Nora and "cousins" Josh and Zack. Lillian also enjoyed spending lots of quality time with her Grammy and Pop-Pop including a visit to the Phoenix Children's Museum, and a ride on the Adobe Western Railway. Grammy and Lillian worked together and made Lillian a very special princess dress exactly the way she wanted it, and she debuted it at Grammy's New Year's party.

When she wasn't out having adventures with the relatives, she was making bead necklaces for everyone (using beads salvaged from Tom's old car seat cover). It took some convincing to get her to make one for Pop-pop and Preston, as she claimed that "Boys don't wear necklaces. Daddy doesn't even get one."

Thanks to Pop-Pop for providing the pictures since we were so lazy we didn't take a single picture the whole trip.

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