December 12, 2010

San Mateo

This weekend we continued our tour-de-peninsula with a train ride to the city of San Mateo. San Mateo is one of those places that we've never had much reason to explore. However as we found out today the city is loaded with all sorts of fun. Our first stop was Talbots Toyland, a very cool, old-school toy store. Lillian spent nearly an hour playing with their train set and doll house, and we managed to escape with only a few small purchases. Next we went for lunch at a Peruvian restaurant. Then we walked around exploring the downtown checking out some boutiques, where Lillian picked out a new pink sweater for her mommy. Before we knew it our train back to Mountain View was about to arrive and we had to run for our train. It was a good thing Lillian remembered to wear her "fast shoes" for the 4 block jog back to the station.

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