December 4, 2010

Happy Meal

We're not big fans of the golden arches in our house. But every now and then we like to go out for a casual meal that will make the whole family smile. Tonight Eric had a hankering for tacos, so we walked over to our favorite local Taqueria for some tacos, and quesadillas. Everyone left happy and well fed. Afterward Lillian decided she wanted to make her sweatshirt look just like her so she draped it over the back of her chair. Then we needed to find a way to prop its hood up, so we used her guitar. Of course the guitar needed a smile, so we added a post-it with a smile drawn on. You can't have a statue of Lillian without legs and feet, so we finished it off with her rain boots, and a blanket rolled up for legs. She was very proud of her creation.

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