May 29, 2010

Riding the Rails

We decided to start our Memorial day vacation with a bang by taking a rail excursion. Our new home in Mountain View is just a few blocks from the train station, but we haven't had the occasion to ride the train since we moved into the new house. Today we rode the train to the scenic city of Burlingame, a small city about halfway between Mountain View and San Francisco. The city has a nice little downtown and a park, but the real reason we chose Burlingame over the many beautiful cities along the peninsula is it's kid friendly brewpub. Good beer, great food, and crayons on the table made for a really fun day for everyone.

Silly faces on the train!

This week Lillian discovered the songbook on her bookshelf. She also discovered that her Daddy loves to sing almost as much as she does. Here is a short video of the father daughter duet of Camptown Races.

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