May 26, 2010

Full Circle Farm

A few years ago, someone had the crazy yet brilliant idea of turning a little used school ball field in the middle of an urban area of Silicon Valley into a working farm. The 11 acre farm has a large demonstration garden that is tended to by volunteers. Our friends Kathrine and Santosh have been volunteering at the farm for several months now and we have vowed to join them in the fun on Wednesday afternoons this summer. The garden is a fantastic playground for the preschool set, with gigantic piles of dirt, hay bales, rows and rows of vegetables to run through and best of all strawberries fresh off the plants. Since it was a school ball field it is also completely fenced in so Lillian can roam freely without fear of getting lost. Lillian had a grand time running around with the other kids until a menacing red beast came onto the scene and forced her to run for cover.

Good times in the garden.

Kids watching the farmers do their work.

The scariest big red tractor ever!

Lillian cowering in my arms after the tractor came out.

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