April 17, 2009

Potty Humor

We started introducing Lillian to the potty early with the hope that it would make it easier to potty train her early. We hadn't thought much about actually trying to get her to use the potty all the time until her daycare provider noticed that she wanted to go potty every time the older kids went. So we started putting Lillian in Pull-ups instead of diapers and taking her to the potty more frequently, in a month or so she was keeping her Pull-ups dry most days and we transitioned her to wearing cotton training underpants. We had a few accidents the first few weeks in underpants but for the most part she is now fully potty trained. Lillian loves using the potty and always gets a big smile whenever she hears her poop go plop into the potty, we are very happy to not be changing dirty diapers anymore and are also glad that we are no longer sending so much garbage to our landfill. It's a win for her, for us and for the environment.

Lillian has also developed a taste for potty humor as you can see in this video of she and Eric reading the book Zoo Poo.

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