October 3, 2007

Traveling Baby, The Sequel

Lillian made her second big trip at the end of September. Lillian, Kristen and Eric traveled all the way to Springfield Illinois to visit Eric's family. She was a good little traveler, enduring a six hour flight followed by a two hour car ride. She seemed to enjoy the flight more than the car ride, if only she could fall asleep in the car like her father does. While in Illinois we had many opportunities to tour the town and visit with family and friends. Lillian had lots of fun visiting with her Great Grandma Helen, she even got to attend a tea party thrown by her three year old second cousin Hollis.

Lillian also got to hang out with her cousins Raquel and Lucas. They were very excited to see their new cousin, and Lillian was excited to see them as well. She can't wait until she is old enough to keep up with them.

While there we attended a family reunion and 84th birthday party for Lillian's Great Grandma Helen. This was the perfect opportunity to show Lillian off to all the relatives. We were able to take lots of family pictures, here is the whole Husky clan together at the party.

Lillian is getting to be a very giggly little girl, her grandma Betty really gets her going.

Check out our web album to see more pictures.

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