October 23, 2007

Klaus in the House

This past weekend we had a meeting of the babies as our friends Ryan and Joanna's 9 month old baby Klaus met baby Lillian for the first time. Lillian enjoyed watching as Klaus crawled and cruised around the house, exposing what a poor baby-proofing job Kristen and Eric had done. He also got to show Nash what he is in for over the next few months. Nash loved it when Klaus grabbed his bone. At 17 pounds Klaus isn't big enough to play tug with 90 pound Nash. Good times!

While Ryan, Joanna and Klaus were in town we enjoyed going out to eat ethnic food and enjoying nature. Those seem to be the favorite activities of most of our visitors these days. Of course there was also lots of baby time. Lillian eagerly watched Klaus cruise around the house. Clearly she can't wait until she is cruising around herself. For the moment all she can do is spin in circles on her belly and push her self backwards while on her back.

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