September 12, 2007

Traveling Baby

Besides hanging out with family. Kristen and Lillian got to have lots of other adventures during their trip to NY. Kristen attended the wedding of her dear friend Michelle. Michelle is a fellow Yorktown HS alum, and girl scout. At the wedding Kristen got to catch up with some of her high school pals.

As always we were happy to get out side and stretch our legs a bit. One day Kristen, Lillian and Grammy Elaine climbed Turkey Mountain in Yorktown. It was a lovely day and the view from the top was beautiful, we could see the NYC skyline and the Hudson River. Lillian complained the first part of the hike until Kristen realized that the brim of her hat was blocking her view of the trees. Once her hat was adjusted she was much happier.

Kristen and Lillian also spent time hanging with Kristen's dear friend Allison and her sister Danielle. Kristen and Allison were friends back when they were babies. They were born just a few days apart and were neighbors until recently. Kristen and Allison had the opportunity to stroll around the old neighborhood with little Lillian riding along in the stroller and enjoy some good NY pizza.

To see all the pictures from our trip check out our web album.
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Amy said...

Sounds like mom and baby are traveling pros. And Lillian has so many friends!