September 11, 2007

Hanging with the Family

On Labor day weekend, Kristen and Lillian flew all the way across the country to visit with Lillian's Great Grandma Nora. Lillian traveled like a pro, not crying too much, sleeping most of the flight and giggling in delight as we ran through the airport to make our tight connection into NY.

Lillian had a great time hanging out with her great grandma Nora. Nora loved having a baby in the house and Lillian loved having a new person to talk to. Nora's honey Harold was also a big hit with Lillian, she was delighted when he would clap his hands and wave at her.

Lillian also got to meet her great aunt Diane. Diane is Kristen's favorite aunt, and I'm sure she will become Lillian's favorite great Aunt.

Here is Lillian hanging out with her second cousin Matthew. Kristen used to babysit for Matt when he was Lillian's age. Now he is all grown up and enjoying holding Kristen's baby.

Lillian also got to meet her great aunt Debby and great uncle Rob. She impressed them with her loud screaming upon their arrival. Thankfully her Grammy Elaine managed to calm her down and get her to sleep. Sleeping always seems to make Lillian happy.
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