April 28, 2016

Lillian turns 9

We celebrated Lillian's 9th birthday recently.  She had a big birthday bash in the park, with balloons, balloon animals, and water balloons!  Our big discovery for this party were the packages of water balloons that come pre-mounted on a hose attachment, so you can fill them 30 at a time with the hose in about 10 seconds, straight from the package.  You don't even have to tie them, as the water causes them to fall off the hose, sealing the balloon with a tiny rubber band!  You can see them filling (and hear Nathaniel giggling) in a video here on Facebook.

Lillian decided she wanted to keep the tradition of Swedish Princess Cake for birthdays going.  This year it was covered in green marzipan, with an albino, marzipan snake crawling across it.

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