March 1, 2014

Happy Hollow for All

Happy Hollow, the pint sized amusement park and Zoo in San Jose, is one of Lillian's happy places, and now that Nathaniel is a little older he is able to join in on the fun. At just barely 36 inches (with shoes and a hat) now tall enough to go on most of the rides and has the staying power for a multi-hour excursion. The highlight of our visit was a close up encounter with the Jaguar who had just eaten his lunch and was lurking just a few inches from the window into his cage, watching us, watch him. The close encounter ended as the Jaguar lunged mouth open towards Nathaniel's head, banging his head on the glass and promptly retreating to nap on a sunny rock. A bit shaken by our close encounter, we retreated to the petting zoo to visit with teeny tiny and very docile pygmy goats. Nathaniel promptly fell asleep in the car and took a nice long nap after all the excitement at Happy Hollow.

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jamie said...

Oh my, I always wanted to see the cat up close but maybe not if it has not eaten lunch.