June 25, 2012

Two weeks, two hikes

Hiking has always been one of our favorite family activities, however for the past two years, circumstances have kept us form doing much hiking. It all started with Lillian was too heavy to ride in the backpack but too slow to keep pace on the trail, then Kristen had 9 months of pregnancy and a few months of c-section recovery. Now that Lillian is 5, and can hike for a good 3-5 miles without too much complaints and Nathaniel is at a perfectly portable age we are enjoying hitting the trail agian.

The past two weeks afforded us two great opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. The first was the father's day hike/picnic for dads that our stroller hiking group does every year. The dad's and kids only hike was followed by a pot-luck picnic and wine tasting for the whole family, good fun for all. We had invited some friends along and they had so much fun that the following weekend, when looking for a way to kill a beautiful cool summer afternoon, we decided to invite them to hike again. Lillian was thrilled to have a friend to hike with and we delighted to show our friends some of our favorite local hiking spots.


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