May 7, 2012


In all the hub-bub surrounding Lillian's birthday, Eric's birthday often gets forgotten about. This year Kristen decided to take matters into her own hands and plan a surprise birthday Bar-B-Q in Eric's honor. A bunch of Eric's IMSA buddies were able to come and join us for an afternoon of hanging out on the patio drinking Mint Juleps in honor of Derby Day and enjoying some yummy Bar-B-Q. Eric and Lillian had been sent out of the house on false pretenses while Kristen prepared the feast and assembled the crowd. Eric was totally surprised by the gathering as was Lillian who was not in on the secret. Lillian was a little shy around all the suprise guests until we suggested playing Pretty-Pretty Princess with the board-game loving crowd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and Lillian had great fun! Next year Lillian wants in on planning the surprise for her Daddy's birthday!


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