February 25, 2012

The Month That Got Away . . .

When I sat down to write this I realized it's been a month since our last post. This month has really gotten away from us; too many obligations, too little time to relax and a little baby who demands constant attention. Now that the pictures are finally downloaded here are some highlights from the month that was.

Lillian took a sudden interest in sewing at school and started sewing up a storm. First she sewed a little heart, then a stuffed bunny, then a cat complete with button eyes and an embroidered mouth all within the course of a couple of weeks.

Nathaniel turned 3 months old and graduated to all sorts of big baby activities like sitting at on the table with us at mealtime and playing with his very own baby spoon. We also put up a baby swing in the back yard, so now he can swing all by himself. Nathaniel has also taken a real interest in the world around him and often insists on facing forward instead of snuggling in order to see what his sister is up to.

Kristen started back at the office one day a week and Eric started taking off one day a week to stay home with Nathaniel. So far everyone seem happy with the arrangement.

We celebrated Valentines day with a home made heart shaped chocolate, almond, cherry desert. It was decadent and delightful.

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