December 11, 2011

An Early Christmas

This past weekend, for the first time since our wedding we had the pleasure of hosting both sets of grandparents. Grammy Elaine had been here helping us all out with the new baby for the prior five weeks. Pop-Pop Tom came out to visit at the end of Grammy's stay. A few days later we were joined by Grandma Betty and Grandpa Terry. Since we had a couple of days overlap with all the grandparents in town, we decided to do a Christmas celebration a few weeks early. We started the day with a visit to the Christmas village in San Jose and then had a nice dinner followed by a gift exchange. Lillian was the star of the show, unwrapping the abundant haul of new clothes, books and toys brought by the grandparents. Nathaniel enjoyed having four grandparents eager to snuggle with him, as he wanted nothing more for Christmas.

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