April 18, 2010

Lillian's 3rd Birthday

Today we hosted Lillian's third annual birthday extravaganza. We had a ducky themed party as Lillian is a big fan of ducks and birds of all sorts. For a party game we used a baby pool to create a ducky pond and gave the kids nets to fish for duckies. The ducky fishing was great fun, but eventually the kids decided to start throwing dirt into the pool and then decided to dip their feet in the mucky water so we had to bring an end to it. Eric also made some ducky themed yellow cupcakes which were topped with blue frosting and yellow duckies (actually yellow Peeps, but Lillian didn't know the difference). Here are some pictures and video of the birthday girl in action.

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A Fuss said...

That's awesome! I might steal that idea -- Maddie LOVES ducks!