June 12, 2009

A vacation from our vacation

While we were in the neighborhood (or state as the case may be) we took a little trip to visit with our friends Maura, Jim, Emma and baby Maggie who recently moved to Geneva Illinois from California. Lillian was so excited to see Emma again, that she screamed "Emma! Emma!" when she first saw Emma waiting in the doorway for us. The two girls had a great time playing with each other. Since it was rainy out we took the girls to open gym at a local gymnastics center. Lillian and Emma has a ton of fun bouncing on the trampoline and swinging on the trapeze into a foam pit. Lillian's favorte part involved her daddy picking her up and throwing her into the foam pit. After the exhausting morning at the gym we all went to have lunch at Fermi Lab where Jim is studying particle physics. That evening we strolled down to the Fox river had a nice dinner and ice cream in scenic downtown Geneva.

Emma and Lillian playing nicely together.
Lillian in the foam pit. Is this a happy girl or what?

Happy little bouncer.

Lillian and her daddy at Fermi Lab.

Maura, Maggie, Emma, Kristen and Lillian reading stories.

Toddler goodbye hugs.

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Jessie's Mom said...

Oh my goodness, that toddler hug shot is too precious!! So nice that you got to see each other!