May 27, 2009

Culture, Both High and Low

Ever since we started letting Lillian watch Sesame Street a few months ago she has developed a bit of an Elmo fixation. So when the opportunity for a free Elmo chair arose, despite my Elmo reluctance I couldn't resist since I knew Lillian would love it. So now Lillian has a bilingual Elmo doll, an Elmo book and now an Elmo chair. Also note the super cute hair doo that she insisted upon this morning.

This evening she found high culture obsession, Chess. Not playing chess per-se, but she and her Daddy like to set up the pieces on the chess board. Maybe in a few more years she can learn all about playing the game, but for now she is content to just set up the pieces on the board and then put them back in the box. This is the same way that her Daddy played Chess at her age.

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