November 27, 2008


Lillian's had a great time for Thanksgiving this year. She really loves turkey and cranberries. I think she ate more than anyone else at Thanksgiving dinner. Her Granny Elaine came to visit, and got to see lots of new tricks. Lillian now sings Twinkle Twinkle, the Alphabet Song, and Itsy Bitsy Spider (at least you can recognize that's what she's going for...). She also counts, sometimes getting all the way to 10. As you can see here, she's not really looking like a baby any more. She's moving on to being a full-fledged little girl.
Granny gave Lillian these sunglasses last time we were in Phoenix. Elaine's been hanging on to these since the 80's. As you can see, they're a big hit with future superstars.
Lillian is into everything, and developing a strong independent streak. All day long she's telling us, "self," meaning she wants to do it herself. Here she's digging our junk mail out of the waste paper basket, and turning an envelope into a hat.

We'll end this update with a few videos. Here's everyone sitting on the couch, while Lillian laughs hysterically at Nash.

And here we see a little display of counting skills. Those sick-days watching Sesame Street seem to be good for something after all!

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