June 13, 2008

Babies Who Lunch

This past Friday, we hosted lunch for our play group. For the past several weeks 6 mommies and babies have been getting together for a playgroup lunch on Fridays. It's a great treat for mommies and babies alike. The babies get to play together while the mommies enjoy each other's company and a wonderful home cooked meal.

Here are all the babies starting clockwise, Jessie (riding Nash in pink), Sofia, Leif, Samuel and Emile. Where is Lillian? That's a good question, probably getting into trouble while this picture was being taken.

And here are Lillian and Jessie climbing and rolling around on the futon. Jessie and Lillian have great fun wrestling, climbing and doing other unladylike things. These two are little partners in crime.

Samuel, taking a break from all the action. All this fun sure makes the babies tired.
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Anonymous said...

Lillian's growing so much. It's looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We miss you already! -Julia and Summer