May 28, 2008

Illinois Visit

We went to Illinois to visit the Husky clan. Lillian needed to catch up with everyone since she hadn't seen them since last fall. She's grown up a lot, and has a lot of new tricks to show off. For example, walking across the room and knocking over Grandma's tower of empty bottles. Now that we're back in California, Eric has begun his Masterpiece Theater tune whistling detox.

Cousin Raquel has a really cool playhouse, that's just the perfect size for Lillian. You can probably hear in the background that her cousin Lucas is a big fan of the "Eminemineminems."

Grandma and grandpa have a sandbox in the backyard, which is always a hit.

And of course no family gathering would be complete without the big group shot. You don't want to know how many takes it took to get everyone looking at the camera.

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