March 29, 2008

Lillian Plays

I captured this video last week of Lillian playing with her ball. She was having lots of fun chasing the ball around the living room. She also does some cruising and playing with her activity table in the video. She has taken a few independent steps this week, Julia counted 13 in a row on Thursday. We haven't been able to capture any of this on video so far.

Lillian has also become quite the clown lately, she likes trying to make people laugh by making funny noises. Yesterday we were at the playground, she saw another baby and started making a funny noise, another baby did the same thing. It was like they were communicating in their own baby language. Lillian thought it was extremely funny, she was giggling so hard she almost fell down. It was very cute. She also learned how to drop things onto the floor and say "uh oh".

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