August 19, 2007

Ice Cream, you scream . . .

On Saturday we went to our neighborhood's ice cream social. Then we had to go back on Sunday, because that's when it was really scheduled as opposed to when Kristen thought it was. There was free ice cream, bouncy houses and lots of other babies. There has been quite a baby boom in the neighborhood so Lillian will have lots of future play mates. Lillian got to play in the grass and look at all the trees, then she took a nap. It's good to be a baby, especially when you can almost sit up by yourself for a bit.

Lillian also enjoyed hanging out on Eric's shoulders over the weekend. Yes there is a hand there supporting her, but she is holding up her head all by herself. Hooray for head control.

We also read the newspaper together, she likes the way it crinkles when the pages turn. . .

Then Eric was playing on the floor with Lillian when Nash sidled up. Poor Nash never gets to play anymore, so he inserted himself into the ongoing game on the floor.

Lillian is developing great head control and is becoming more and more playful. Eric has fun playing airplane with his little girl.

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